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PAINTINGS that evoke nostalgia

I launched Paint Nectar as a way to keep track of all my painting inspiration in one place. The name comes from my love of mixing oil paint to a honey-like consistency to create drips in my paintings - I always thought the drips reminded me of nectar and reminded me of the hummingbird feeders my grandmother would always keep filled so we could watch the birds flitter into view from her kitchen window.


The namesake has since morphed into my entire art practice - I now offer commissions for my large-scale oil paintings and custom murals for small businesses. My paintings have been featured in numerous exhibitions around the United States, as well as large murals throughout New York and Utah. Paint Nectar continues to evolve, but at the moment my painting studio practice specializing in abstract landscape paintings and pure abstract work. All of my work is inspired by my travels and sentiments from other the years. The energy is whimsical and rooted in a deep love for nostalgia, while mixing different mediums to create unique texture and depth in my work.