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Surveying the world,

In hopes of someone


With your fleeting thoughts.


Painting to digest the world around me.

The tragedies


alienation of living now.


They are filled with grief and doubt,


but also triumph.



They answer to nothing and to some,

that may be considered

failure, in which case

exemplifies my own




The gilded sentiments,

the discomfort of new, everything,

the irritation of nostalgia,

and the stifling of it all,

to escape the transient feeling of




 Throughout my life, I've learned to appreciate time alone to absorb my surroundings.

I've found adoration in exploring my own thoughts while observing my environment.

As I've gotten older I've used that enjoyment as a form of meditation to focus on the world outside my dwellings and consider what it means to co-exist in nature.

  As a painter, I am relentlessly challenging myself to push further and past using my environment to create my paintings.

I crave to show more than the surface value of my subject matter.

My work is based on specific recollections and sentiments, opened up with the use of color and gesture. 

Providing a sense of clarity within what appears to be obscurity is what I strive for.

I hope for those who find time to explore the work can resonate with them in ways only their memories can explain.  


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